Throwing Back the Chair
Dec 09, 2022 7:25 AM
Phil Bova
Throwing Back the Chair

Local legend and Westlake resident, Phil Bova has recently released his book "Throwing Back the Chair"

cover of Throwing Back the Chair by Phil BovaPhil Bova was a Big Ten Basketball referee for 30 years and officiated in March Madness a staggering 20 straight years. Locally in Westlake, Phil is also very well known for his youth baseball camp which has been a Cleveland staple for 45 years.

Throwing Back the Chair is a humorous and entertaining read that covers several facets of his career, and further details the life of a big-time official. How do you get picked for March Madness? What are the intricacies of officiating a game? Which coach nearly caused a physical altercation on the floor? Which legend wrote Phil a letter of apology for his despicable behavior? What’s it like to be on the floor at Ohio State? What were the top 15 games he officiated during his career? What was the atmosphere like when Bobby Knight threw the chair across the floor? Phil tells us that, and much, MUCH more!

Phil will have books on hand to sell and autograph.

Come help us celebrate the career of a Cleveland treasure!