After hearing about the tornados in Kentucky the Rotary Club of Strongsville immediately launched into action with a call for blankets that could be delivered to Kentucky.  At our Friday meeting we collected blankets, and on Sunday member Chuck Cury loaded his truck with 110 blankets to take to Mayfield.
The response AND enthusiasm from the club was phenomenal!!! As best as I could tell between the blankets they brought in and the ones who paid for the extra blankets we had there was pretty much 100% of those in attendance and some who weren't at the meeting on Friday. I was still collecting blankets on Saturday afternoon to take to Chuck.
A special thanks to Chuck Cury who stepped up with his vehicle and made the 7 hour drive (one way), stayed overnight to accommodate the Mayfield member's schedule to meet him at 8:30 AM on Monday.
"Got a selfie of me and Chuck. It was so nice to meet him. I am headed to our distribution center now-I just arrived home. Thanks for the blankets and the very nice letter you wrote. It is truly appreciated. Please let your entire membership know how appreciative we are of their generosity and support! Merry Christmas to you all! Rotarians Rock!!"
John Carrico of the Mayfield Rotary Club
Members were thrilled  to see the enthusiasm and participation from the club on this project.
It was energizing to see the club get behind this project the way they did.
That sums up what I heard from many of our members on Friday at the meeting and at the Christmas party that evening, many were still buzzing about the club's response.
This was truly a club success. From the time we sent the email to the time we delivered the blankets was just short of 1 week. Which was my goal. When Chuck called me after the dropoff, his first comment was "it's cold down here". This is exactly why we wanted to get blankets out to them quickly. 
Mission accomplished!!! Job well done Strongsville Rotary. Thank You for being true to who we have always been --- An awesome, caring club, who steps up to the plate when there is a need no matter where it comes from.
John Carrico of the Mayfield Rotary Club with the Strongsville Rotary Club banner and supplies they received.