An update on  the progress our club is making in Honduras. 

Pat Greco will be going there this Saturday for 1 week and meeting with recipients  of our financial support and others. As you know we have received a matching district grant and have furnished a computer lab at a girls school there. We also had a very nice plague made dedicating the computer lab to our own Bill Gordon.  
I will also be meeting with the Comandante General of the Fire Department who just received 50 set of fire gear from the Strongsville Fire Department that we provided the shipping for.
On a side note the person who hand carved the Bill Gordon sign also has nativity sets for sale.  If you are interested I will be taking orders and I can bring them back with me. Several Rotarians have already placed orders and mentioned they are giving them as gifts.  All proceeds are for the artisan.  
There are pics attached. The large 8 piece is $40 and either of the 2 smaller 3 piece sets are only $30.  They are all about 8” tall.