The Rotary Club of Strongsville and Rotary Club Kraków have completed a joint project and purchased two ambulances for Ukraine.
Pictures from the transfer of one of them are included. It was also specially prepared by us - it is painted in a different color than traditional ambulances, due to the fact that the average life of an ambulance in Ukraine is one week - Russian soldiers have priority to destroy all kinds of medical equipment.  The second car will be ready in days and handed over ASAP.
Therefore, the Rotary Club Kraków decided to continue the project and collect funds for further purchases of ambulances for Ukraine.
In addition, our contact at Rotary Club Kraków and his wife have made their whole house (in our private house) available for refugees and at the moment we are hosting 7 people and we are waiting for another 2 to arrive in the coming days.
Another project implemented by our club is the service of refugees by doctors with whom we cooperate on a daily basis (they run a non-profit clinic for the homeless).   If a refugee does not yet have Polish documents entitling him to use the Polish health service, then he or she uses the possibility of all tests and the help of our doctors.
In addition the Rotary Club Czestochowa has already shipped the next aid for Ukraine consisting of textiles and canned food worth about $11,300, and are working at two next deliveries: mobile diagnostic devices, mobile x-rays and consumable medical aid (gloves, antiseptics, dressings). The transportation and delivery have been donated by a local Polish company.